Sonia Levy: ›For the Love of Corals‹

FTLOC x Martin Savransky : ›An Ecology of Perhaps‹, Critical Zones, ZKM
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›For the Love of Corals: An Ecology of Perhaps‹ is a virtual adaptation of Sonia Levy’s 2–channel installation ›For the Love of Corals‹, which was first presented in a solo show at Obsidian Coast, UK, in 2018. This digital version was produced for the exhibition ›Critical Zones‹ at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe (2020). The film documents the daily effort to preserve endangered coral species in the frame of the reproductive research ›Project Coral‹ (2013-ongoing), located at the Horniman Museum & Garden in London. 

Led by marine biologist Jamie Craggs and closely documented by Sonia Levy’s camera, the multi-year project undertook the pioneering endeavour of breeding corals in captivity in order to study their reproductive biology – a first step to developing sustainable aquaculture techniques for the restoration of corals in their natural environments. Thanks to purpose-built tanks designed to reproduce the seasonal temperature changes, solar irradiance, and tide cycles of coral colonies in the Great Barrier Relief, the team was able to induce spawning in the captive corals. The film thoroughly illustrates the process of research and experimentation required to artificially breed corals in an aquarium. At the same time, it provides a glimpse into the intimate dimension of care-taking, revealing us an expanded range of possibilities of human-nonhuman encounters.