With its paintings and prints, the Flame Artists‘ Collective reflects the aesthetic changes that are influenced by the inclusion of digital formats in our world of life/reality. Today, the perception and design of everyday life in industrial societies is strongly influenced by technical applications. With our smartphones we have access to the Internet practically at all times. In particular, social networks, such as Instagram, become ubiquitous, are permanently accessible and usable.

The series of prints shown in the Heidelberg Kunstverein could be described as Insta-Scapes, because their square shape alone refers to the image format typical of Instagram. Both their paintings and their prints show collages and clusters of iconic images, whose seemingly arbitrary combination is reminiscent of the digital image culture of blogs and social media and thus questions about origin, the development and intercultural updating of visual culture.

Flame was founded in 2010 in Brussels by the artists Taslima Ahmed and Manuel Gnam, who live and work in Berlin. Her works were exhibited internationally in group and solo exhibitions, including group exhibitions at the Akademie Galerie Nürnberg (2018), at the KINDL Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin (2018), at the Nassauische Kunstverein Wiesbaden (2017) and individual exhibitions in the Balice Hertling Gallery Paris (2017), the Park View / Paul Soto Gallery Los Angeles (2016) and in the Gallery Real Fine Arts New York (2013).