Guided Tours

Curator’s Guided Tour: 23.03., 17:00 with Søren Grammel and Mehves Ungan

Sunday Guided Tour: 19.03., 17:00 mit Fabienne Finkbeiner

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We also offer bookable guided tours during the week.
For school classes: On a donation basis.
For groups: €60 (members)/€70 (non-members).


Children’s Workshop: Painting, Scratching & Gluing; 18.03., 14:00

From collages to scratch paintings, there are no limits to creativity in this workshop. In the context of the current exhibition ›Matter of Alliance‹ by the artist Marwa Arsanios, this workshop is offered for children between 6 and 12 years. Selected works by the Lebanese artist will provide inspiration. For the 2-hour workshop, a fee of 2 € is requested to cover the cost of the materials. In individual cases, this can be waived.
Languages: German, English, Turkish and Italian.

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Workshop: ›Me – You – We and the Climate Crisis‹

Marwa Arsanios’ first solo exhibition in Germany shows nature as a threatened habitat and shelter, especially for women in northern Syria, Lebanon and Colombia. In order to continue to coexist with nature, the women there fight for their right on land against the ruling regimes. Since their survival depends on protecting their environment, they are resisting with weapons. Using different media such as film, banners and drawings, Arsanios explores those state-independent and self-organised initiatives. As well as the topics: Land distribution, women’s rights and radical democracy. Her works feel real and honest, especially as she personally visits the affected areas and the people living there. She also presents individual personalities to challenge the Western prevailing portrayal of ›oppressed‹ Muslim women.

In role plays, still scenes and other theatre pedagogical approaches and discussions we want to creatively deal with the questions of the exhibition.

Concept: Marie Franka Breckner, Annika Spiegelhalter (PH students of art education Do—Mehves Ungan)


Possible dates:

Monday to Wednesday: 06.-08.03.

Friday morning: 10.03.

Monday to Wednesday: 13-15.03.

Friday morning: 17.03.

Monday to Wednesday: 20.-22.03.

Friday morning: 24.03.

Monday to Wednesday: 3-5.04.

Monday to Wednesday: 10-12.04.

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Ausstellung Matter of Alliances of the artist Marwa Arsanios, Sitzstruktur made by Céline Condorelli, Courtesy Heidelberger Kunstverein & Marwa Arsanios, Feb. 2023

Reading: ›Der Schleier‹ from Frantz Fanon; 12.03., 15:00

In Marwa Arsanios’ ›Reading Room‹, we turn to excerpts from Frantz Fanon, ›The Veil‹, 2017 (1959). The curator of the exhibition Mehveş Ungan will read aloud with Hannah Klein and will invite for a discussion. This will be followed by a screening of Arsanios’ film ›Have you ever killed a Bear or Becoming Jamila‹ about the Algerian fighter Jamila Bouhired.

Language: German


Cinema Night: ›Schlacht um Algier‹ (German Version) in Cooperation with the Karlstorkino; 13.03., 19:00

Battle for Algiers is a film by the Italian director and journalist Gillo Pontecorvo. Shot in 1966, the black-and-white film focuses on an episode of the Algerian war of independence against France from 1954 to 1962.

At the Karlstorkino, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 3 69126 Heidelberg.

Bar Blau

On every first Thursday of the month, the Bar Blau at the Heidelberger Kunstverein is hosted by Jonah Mende and Leander Ullmann (aka DengaBoys): There will be drinks, acts from the local DJ scene, as well as short dialogue tours of the exhibition.

Thursday, 2.3., ab 20:00; Guided Tour with Diana Frasek

Thursday, 6.4., ab 20:00; Guided Tour with Mehves Ungan


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