Podcast: E. Povinelli, S. M. Winterling: ›Who Wants to Live Forever?‹

On the occasion of the international group exhibition Who Wants to Live Forever?, Kunsthall Trondheim presents a podcast series dedicated to the various themes connected to the prolonging of life, that the exhibition sheds light on. Through the podcast series, you will gain deeper insight into the ideas of immortality and tools to better understand life and death in the 21st century.

Through conversations with artists participating in the exhibition, curators and theorists, the podcast series is based the many themes of the exhibition, such as the ethical aspects of scientific research and experimentation in cryonics and genetic research; the materiality of the soil and its inherent ability to preserve and climate changes possible impact on this; questions about who immortality will be attainable for, digital immortality and processes of grief and deep dive into the searches for immortality, across cosmologies.