#LindaMatalon Video: Interview

›Objects & Energies‹ brings together three artists from different generational and cultural backgrounds who have approached non-objectivity and abstraction not as a kind of formalism, but as a means of structuring physical, temporal, scientific and transcendental ideas. A central theme of the exhibition is the way artists approach representing the visible and the invisible.

Featuring Joyce Hinterding, Linda Matalon and Agnes Martin, the exhibition will focus primarily on drawing; a medium that is central to each of the artists. Their extraordinary works display similarities but also exhibit quite divergent approaches. What they do share is an engagement in the repetition of certain forms, the process of marking time and delineating space and ideas on the infinite through recurring visual codes.

US-based Linda Matalon’s two-dimensional drawings, while subtle at first glance, are worked with a rigorous hand: drawing with wax, scraping, graphite, mark-making and rubbing are all integral to the work, as is physicality and time. With a sculptural approach to building up or breaking down surfaces, distress and erasure is clearly at work, but in the precarious balance between mark and surface, a delicacy prevails: a balanced territory where space and time flatten and expand.

A National Art School Gallery exhibition toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW.

Text by Museums & Galleries of NSW.