#FNCCities: Nina E. Schönefeld

With her films, Nina E. Schönefeld (*1974, Berlin, DE) develops disturbingly familiar future scenarios that are closely connected to current political, social and ecological challenges and climatic uncertainties. The artist presents us with worlds in which basic democratic rights and bare survival must be fought for. She plays with stereotypical gender representations, places female superheroes at the center of the action, and explores the relationship between art and the digital age. Schönefeld’s aesthetic is reminiscent of blockbusters, classic films, and even computer game tutorials.

Nina E. Schönefeld studied as a master’s student at the Berlin University of the Arts, where she later earned a doctorate in art history. With scholarships, she studied at the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins College in London. She lives and works in Berlin.

Her video works have been presented internationally in solo and group exhibitions: Solo exhibitions at Galerie La Pierre Large, Strasbourg (2019), Galerie Fata Morgana, Berlin (2016), LARRY’S Show (2016), LARRY’S THURSDAY Show (2015), Space for Drastic Action (2014), Espace Surplus Gallery (2012); and in group exhibitions at Made in NY Media Center, New York, USA (2019), Baumhaus, Luxembourg, LUX (2019), Palazzo Ca’Zanardi, Venice, ITA (2019), Momentum Worldwide, Berlin (2019), FED. Square, Melbourne, AUS (2019), Aram Art Museum, Korea (2019), Philipp Haverkampf Galerie, Berlin (2019), Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice (2018), Goethe-Institut, Beijing (2018), Museum Berlinische Galerie (2018), Zurich Manifesta(2017), ART FAIR, Vienna (2016), Galerie Schaufenster(2016), Zurich, Manifestina(2016), Palermo Gallery, Stuttgart (2016), CoGalleries (2016), Atelierhof Kreuzberg (2015), Freudenreich Neukölln (2015), Venice – Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island San Giorgio Maggiore (2015), Galerie ACUD (2014), Kreuzberg Pavilion, Berlin (2013), Chelsea Town Hall, London, UK (2012), Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, DE (2011).