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2019/25/10 – 2020/26/1
Valeria Abendroth, Flame, Delia Jürgens, Shawn Maximo, Susanne M. Winterling


Art and technology

New technologies determine our everyday life and are sometimes discussed controversially. With the group exhibition “Technoscapes” – curated by Ursula Schöndeling – the Heidelberger Kunstverein presents for the first-time artists who are confronted with the use of technology.

The term technoscapes was forged by Indian ethnologist Arjun Appadurai (*1949). His cultural globalization anthropological theory divides itself in five different dimensions. According to Appadurai these have their own rules and constraints, therefore they need to be individually considered in order to explain the modern world. One of these dimensions is the so-called “Technoscape”, that describes the diffusion and access to technologies on a global scale. The term “Technoscapes” is also used for the exhibition to reflect the coexistence of various technological spaces.

The exhibition presents installations, which form a constellation of works that investigate different areas of the technology.

These range from Valeria Abendroth’s fictional medical panoptikum to the picturesque poetic installation of Delia Jürgens, who works with digitally liquified image data sets to Shawn Maximo’s digital representations of future worlds’dystopian architectural designs, in the form of CGIs (computer generated images) to the works of the artists duo FLAME.