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2020/19/6 – 2020/16/8
›Confluence Sangam संगम‹ Nadira Husain with Amina Ahmed and Varunika Saraf
Nadira Husain, Amina Ahmed, Varunika Saraf

Nadira Husain, Amina Ahmed, Varunika Saraf: ›Confluence Sangam संगम‹

as part of the WERK.STOFF Award for Painting of the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation and the Heidelberger Kunstverein


The words Confluence, Sangam / संगम describe, in English, French and Hindi, the moment when several currents from different directions meet, flow into each other, and find their way together.

The pictorial works of Nadira Husain, laureate of the WERK.STOFF Award, express such a confluence of different cultural visual worlds. Daughter to an Indian father and a French mother, she draws from her own life experiences when Islamic art and cultural history of the Indian subcontinent meet globalized pop-cultural references in her colourful works. Hybrid bodies inhabit Husain’s canvases and textile surfaces: Comic figures meet Mughal miniatures, Indian divinities and mythological creatures. By employing traditional handicraft techniques – some of which she carries out in cooperation with various artisans – she creates transcultural visual worlds of the 21st century.

›Confluence Sangam संगम‹ extends the exhibition of the laureate by two positions: Amina Ahmed and Varunika Saraf will both present their works in Germany for the first time. They share their Indian roots and experiences of migration that shape their way of working and thinking. Varunika Saraf (Hyderabad) uses the technique of miniature painting to capture current protest movements in India. Amina Ahmed (New York) finds her basic geometric forms and patterns in the so-called folklore of different cultures that have shaped her life.

The works of the three artists are signs of appropriation and cultural contact in global contexts. Through the migration processes that are firmly embedded in their stories, they actively engage in the shaping of transcultural heritage.




2018/8/9 – 2018/11/11
WERK.STOFF Painting Award
Yorjander Capetillo / Ernst Friedrich Drewes / Friedhelm Falke / Nadira Husain / Michael Thümmrich

WERK.STOFF  Painting Award of the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung and the Heidelberger Kunstverein.

The Heidelberger Kunstverein (HDKV) and the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung (AFKS) are happy to present the results of their cooperation for the WERK.STOFF painting award.
Every three years, the WERK.STOFF painting award rewards artists in the field of painting. It is open to all artists living in Germany who aren’t yet know to the general public and without any age restriction. Artists will be appointed by nominators from the field of art. The prize should allow the winner to focus on his artistic development during an intensive phase of work.

The first exhibition of the five artists nominated for the award will take place in September 2018 at Heidelberger Kunstverein. The selected artists are: Ernst Friedrich Drewes, Friedhelm Falke, Yorjander Capetillo Hernández, Nadira Husain und Michael Thümmricht. The jury – composed of Dr. Martin Engler (Director of the Contemporary Art Collection at the Städel Museum Frankfurt a. M.), Dr. Ulrike Groos (Director of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart) and Ursula Schöndeling (Director of the Heidelberger Kunstverein) – will select the winner of the award. The winner will present his work in a monographic exhibition accompanied by a publication in 2020.

The WERKSTOFF art award understands the concept “Painting” in a broad sense. The works can encompass the traditional combination of brush, oil and canvas but can also reach into the room and space, as well as break traditional conventions. The award aims to put the diversity of painting at the center of the public perception.

1.   Conception of an exhibition of the five selected artists (Autumn 2018).
2.   Designation of the winner and awarding of the prize money of 10.000 euros. The decision of the jury is non-disputable, recourse to legal action will not be possible.
3.   Conception of a monographic exhibition and publication of the awarded artist (2020).

The nominees are:
Ernst Friedrich Drewes (nominated by Dr. Dieter Scholz)
Friedhelm Falke (nominated by Dr. Danièle Perrier)
Yorjander Capetillo Hernández (nominated by Prof. Jean-Baptiste Joly)
Nadira Husain (nominated by Prof. Antje Majewsky)
Michael Thümmrich (nominated by AFKS)

Jury 2018:
Dr. Martin Engler (Director of the Contemporary Art Collection at the  Städel Museum Frankfurt a.M.)
Dr. Ulrike Groos (Director of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart)
Ursula Schöndeling (Director of the Heidelberger Kunstverein)
The vernissage of the nominees’ exhibition will take place on September the 9th, 2018 at 19:00 (7:00 p.m)  at the Heidelberger Kunstverein.
The jury will distribute the award during the closing ceremony of the exhibition at the Heidelberger Kunstverein on November the 11th, 2018.


7 pm
Opening Nadira Husain, Amina Ahmed, Varunika Saraf: ›Confluence Sangam संगम ‹

›Confluence Sangam संगम ‹ Nadira Husain, Prize Winner of the WERK.STOFF Prize for Painting awarded by the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation and the Heidelberger Kunstverein, invites the artists Amina Ahmed and Varunika Saraf to a joint exhibition.


For this event we ask you to wear a mask a respect the safety distance. The seating arrangement will be make according to regulations and admission in the exhibition space will be controlled. The seating capacity is unfortunately limited.



Nadira Husain: ›Janam‹, 2019, 180 x 159 cm, Gouache und Acryl auf Leinwand und genähtem Textil, © LBBW

7:30 pm
Pedro Kadivar: Reading and Discussion
Ticket 8 €, reduces und dfk-member 5 €

Reading and discussion in German
Moderation: Regina Keil-Sagawe
›Paris was the place where my mother tongue gradually burst, as if by an explosion, in slow motion.‹ Born in 1967 in Shiraz (Iran), Pedro Kadivar fled to France at the age of 16, changed his mother tongue and name, no longer felt foreign enough in Paris after graduating from high school and studying. In 1996, after a formative encounter with Heiner Müller, he moved on to Berlin, where he wrote his doctoral thesis on Marcel Proust, in which he discovered an affinity. Today, Pedro Kadivar lives and works as a writer and director in Paris and Berlin and stages highly acclaimed plays.
In ›Kleines Buch der Migrationen‹ (›Small Book of Migrations‹) he narrates the break with the language of the country he wanted to forget because it was marked by so much violence. He reflects on home and foreignness, on the significance of migration for artistic creation, and in doing so repeatedly brings other artists and writers into play, such as Marcel Proust, Beckett, Dürer or the Iranian poet Sadeq Hedayat.

An event of the Deutsch-Französischer Kulturkreis e.V. in cooperation with the Heidelberger Kunstverein as part of the exhibition of Nadira Husain


11 am

экскурсия по выставке живописи


на русском языке

23 сентября 2018

с 11:00 до 12:00

работы номинантов премии в области живописи Фонда Андреаса Фельгера 2018 г.


Йорьяндер Капетильо (Yorjander Capetillo), Эрнст Фридрих Древес (Ernst Friedrich Drewes), Фридхельм Фальке (Friedhelm Falke), Надира Хусаин (Nadira Husain), Михаэль Тюммрих (Michael Thümmrich)

Экскурсовод: Яна Бельская, магистр истории искусств

Участие в экскурсии бесплатное, вход 4 евро (льготный – 2 евро)

Адрес: г. Гейдельберг, Хауптштрассе 97


Информация о выставке и фотографии работ по ссылке: https://hdkv.de/en/ или https://hdkv.de/leseraum/

7 pm
Opening WERK.STOFF Painting Award
Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung and Heidelberger Kunstverein


Opening of WERK.STOFF Painting Award with nominated artists Yorjander Capetillo, Ernst Friedrich Drewes, Friedhelm Falke, Nadira Husain und Michael Thümmrich.


07:00 p.m.


Welcome by Julia Philippi, MdL, 1st Chairwoman

Welcome by the board of the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung

Introduction to the exhibition and the works of the participating artists


WERK.STOFF: Nadira Husain

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