7 pm
Filmscreening ›Into Eternity‹ with director Michael Madsen and curator Miya Yoshida



The documentary film ›Into Eternity‹ follows the construction of the nuclear waste repository Onkalo (›Hideout‹) in Finland. It is built 4 km deep into the solid ground and is meant to be a nuclear waste repository for the next years. Since there is no building that has ever lasted such a long time, the movie strives to answer the question of how safe Onkalo can possibly be.

Danish director Michael Madsen contrasts the reality of the enormous demand for energy of industrial nations on one side and questions about responsible interactions with our environment on the other. He further adresses our responsibilty as a society towards the generations that will come after us.


The documentary will be shown as part of the exhibtion ›Sharing as caring 6‹. Afterwards there will be an open discussion with director Michael Madsen and curator Dr. Miya Yoshida in english.




With the support of the Danish Art Foundation. In cooperation with  Karlstorkino Heidelberg.


-Costs: regular 7,50 €, concessions 6,50 €, members 3,50.

-Karsltorkino, 1 Am Karlstor, 69117 Heidelberg

7 pm
Artist Talk: Kerstin Stoll



Kerstin Stoll and Ursula Schöndeling discuss the concepts behind Stoll’s exibition Raumblüte, her interest in the works of Friedrich Kiesler and her own scientific-artistic approach.