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7 pm
Film Bar: Heidelbergerer Stückemarkt ›Pizzas for the People‹
Bar, Fimscreening and Artist Talk

To kick off the Theater Festival Heidelberger Stückenmarkt with the host country Southcorea, we will show, in cooperation with the Heidelberg orchester and theater, the movie ›Pizzas for the People‹ (60 min., 2009) of the southcorean artist, designer and filmmaker Hwang Kim (*1980).

Kim Jong-II loves pizza and decide to open in 2009 an Italian restaurant despite the political and cultural isolation of Northcorea. Only the political elite is allowed to eat in that restaurant. To open up the restaurant to everybody, Hwang Kim decides to produce a satirical fiction documentary. In ›Pizzas for the People‹ he shows how to make pizza in his own kitchen and more. To allow his movie to be seen by the northcorean people, Hwang Kin smuggled the DVD to Northcorea thorough China and had it to be sold on the black market.

At the end of the screening there will be a discussion with the artist and cocktails at the bar blau.

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