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Thu 3 pm – 10 pm / Sat – Sun 11 am – 7 pm


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7 pm
Bar Blau with Film screening
Kunst / Drinks / Führungen


The first Thursday of every month is set: Bar Blau at the Heidelberger Kunstverein.


The cafeteria becomes a bar and our crew conjures up fresh drinks: Mojito, Moscow Mule, Cuba Libre but also non-alcoholics or beer and wine are on offer.


At 7 p.m. the movie ›Planung zu Zerstörung einer Stadt‹, 1971 will be screened, followed by a discussion with Nicole Güther und Jasmin Meinold. At 9 p.m. you can join Franziska Deinhammer, Art Historian B.A, for a tour of the exhibition. The film and the guided tour will be in German but the bar is open to all languages!


Costs: regular 4 €, concessions 2 €, members free.

(Membership for students for only 12 € per year!)


9 pm
Guided Tour with Franziska Deinhammer

We invite you to a guided tour in German through the current exhibitions with Franziska Deinhammer, Art Historian B.A.

All guided tours are free of charge!

For bookings please contact us at 06221 – 184086 or vermittlung@hdkv.de

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