Merle Kröger & Philipp Scheffner

Merle Kröger und Philipp Scheffner present their common work ›Havarie‹ (Check References for: ›Havarie‹)

Since 1987 Merle Kröger has been working on her own documentary and essay films. She was a member of a Berlin based group of authors and producers dogfilm (1991 — 1999) and together with Philip Scheffner she founded a production platform pong in 2001.  The films she managed as an author and/ or as a producer were shown at Berlinale, various other national and international Film festivals, as well as in cinemas and on television, and have been awarded various prizes. She is the author of four novels, co-director at the Professional Media Master Class in Halle (Saale), and teaches project development.

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Philip Scheffner was born in Homburg/Saar on 28 May 1966 and lives in Berlin since 1986. From 1991 to 1999 he was a member of the Berlin writers group and production company “dogfilm”. 2001 he founded the media platform and production company “pong” with Merle Kröger and worked since then with experimental music/art of sound. 2007 he made his first long film “The Halfmoon Files”, the experimental research on the phonographic recordings of an Indian prisoner of war of 1916.

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Photo: David von Becker