›GAF Snapshirts‹

Since the 1970s, Fred Lonidier has dedicated much of his artistic practice towards struggles for worker’s rights and social justice. GAF Snapshirts consists of thirty- two T-shirts, ordered from the photographic supply corporation GAF. Photography is here shown to take part in the capitalist extraction of surplus value and profiting off of abusive labor conditions, while at the same time Lonidier attempts to nonetheless subvert this system, using the shirts produced by GAF to critique and expose this very process. Lonidier offers a documentary approach that departs from any presumption of neutrality, while making evident the tension inherent to photography between documentary and discursive impulses. His is a documentary which radically critiques itself, reflecting upon its own biases and modes of production (Source: excerpt from the wall-label of the exhibition ›Resisting Images‹, Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie ›Farewell Photography‹).

Fred Lonidier: GAF Snapshirts, 1976
Installation, printed T-shirts, hangers