Fred Lonidier

An artist and a critic Fred Lonidier, born 1942 in Oregon (USA), has been teaching photography at the University of San Diego since 1972. He prefers to exhibit his works at University and community spaces, as well as in shopping malls, following the idea of democratization of art, which seeks for means and strategies to blur the borderline between art and every day environment. In addition to that, he works were demonstrated as part of multiple group and individual exhibitions, i.a. in SILBERKUPPE in Berlin (2016), in the Centre de la photographie in Geneva (2015), at the Whitney Biennial (2014), and in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York (2014).

›Resisting Images‹ presents his 1976 work ›GAF Snapshirts‹.

An author, translator and art critic Eric Aichinger writes about Fred Lonidier:

›On the one hand, Lonidier strives to question the assertion of the traditional documentary photography, in order to guarantee direct referentiality and objectivity as a kind of technical dispositif. On the other hand, quite programmatically he wants to use photography to explore anew the documentary, in order to reveal the real injustices. In his later works he made use of this medium in its indexical function; however, only in connection with various commenting text strategies.‹ (Source: Eric Aichinger: Gewinnen ist Verlieren, Eric Aichinger über Fred Lonidier bei Silberkuppe, Berlin, In: Texte zur Kunst, November 2011. Look it up here:


Artist Talk with Fred Lonidier, Boaz Levin and belit sağ on the 10.09.2017