›Die apokalyptischen Reiter‹ & ›NPD/Sieg/Heil‹

Renowned for his political posters, Staeck, a lawyer and publisher, has produced a body of work building upon the tradition of agitprop, as developed by the likes of George Grosz und John Heartfield during the 1930s as part of their contribution to the struggle against fascism. The two works on display here span forty years of artistic and political production, a period during which images circulation and visual culture has changed drastically. Not only is Die apokalyptischen Reiter an appropriation of Albrecht Dürer’s well known work and a remix of an iconic motif in western visual-culture, it is also a reference to Barbara Kruger’s by now iconic posters. The four horsemen of the apocalypse here embodying the four multi-national corporate monopol- ies of the tech industry.

Klaus Staeck: Die apokalyptischen Reiter (nach Albrecht Dürer), 2014, Offset print. Courtesy Klaus Staeck


Klaus Staeck: NPD/Sieg/Heil, 1969, Metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, glue. Courtesy Klaus Staeck