›Campaign for Braddock Hospital (Save Our Community Hospital)‹

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Campaign for Braddock Hospital (Save Our Community Hospital) grew out of the artists’ research into the visual history of her home town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, and her realization that the city’s prevalent historical narrative omitted its African American residents. The relevance of this history became ever more evident when Levi’s decided to use the city’s industrial history, and decrepit present, as a “romantic” backdrop for a major advertising campaign styled in a quasi neo-realist vein. In her work, Frazier re-appropria- ted and re-repurposed some of Levi’s images, anno- tating them with comments by members of the community, and juxtaposing them with photos documenting local protests to save the city hospital. In an interview Frazier quotes Gordon Parks, who memorably stated that his camera is a weapon with which to combat social injustice (Source: Excerpt from the wall-label ›Resisting Images‹, Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie ›Farewell Photography‹).


LaToya Ruby Fraziers: Campaign for Braddock Hospital (Save Our Community Hospital), 2011, Portfolio with 12 prints (photolithographs and screenprints)